Texas couple killed in collision with semi truck

A Texas couple was killed in a tragic traffic accident when the motorcycle they were riding collided with a semi tractor trailer that was making a u-turn. The fatal truck accident occurred last Friday night. Both the58 year-old husband and 57 year-old wife, who were riding tandem on the motorcycle, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Unfortunately, too often when a semi tractor trailer is involved in a traffic accident the results are devastating. Because of the sheer size and weight of the semi truck any other vehicle with which it is involved in a collision is likely to sustain the majority of the damage of the impact. This effect may be amplified even more when the disparity between the vehicles is increased in an accident involving a semi and a motorcycle.

The couple that lost their lives in the accident on Friday night had purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle just a couple of years ago when the husband retired. The husband had worked for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad for 34 years before retiring in 2008. Even in retirement he continued to perform some work as a consultant.

According to news interviews with friends of the couple they had intended to enjoy their time during retirement doing the things that they loved. The couple’s daughter explained in local news reports that they had a close group of friends and enjoyed Nascar and college sports. According to the daughter “They were kind, good people who worked hard,” she said. “They just really wanted to enjoy life.”

Source: Lincoln Journal StarCouple killed in Texas crash remained close to Lincoln” April 12, 2011