The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall of the Summer Infant – Slim and Secure Video Monitors. According the CPSC, the rechargeable batteries in the handheld video monitor can overheat and rupture, creating a burn and fire hazard. Consumers are being directed to immediately discontinue the use of the monitors and return them to the store where purchased for a complete refund.

There are estimated to be 58,000 units affected by this product defect. The Slim and Secure Video Monitors were sold at Babies R Us from September of 2009 through May of 2010. According to Summer Infant’s website, the current version of this product is not subject to the recall, as different batteries are now being implemented into the product.

Interestingly, when searching Summer Infant’s website, I came across another recall with regards to Summer Infant audio and video baby monitors. According to their own website, the wired versions of the infant monitor have caused at least seven deaths due to cord strangulation; although, the website only attributes two of those infant deaths to the Summer Infant wired monitors.

The website clearly states that these products are manufactured in China and sold to families in the U.S. The purpose of a baby monitor is to ensure that the child is safe; however, Summer Infant’s products are being recalled for safety concerns. If you have any of Summer Infant’s monitors in your home, it is of the utmost importance that you check the products to ensure that they are not subject to recall. If you do have these products in your home, with your infant, discontinue their use immediately.