One killed and five injured in a ‘horrific’ accident on Sunday

A driver from Houston was seriously injured and a passenger in his car killed, in a fatal accident early Sunday morning. A local police captain on the scene described the multi-vehicle collision as “horrific and complicated.”

The 21-year-old passenger who was traveling in a Toyota Camry was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, a Houston resident described by the decedent’s family as her boyfriend, remains in the intensive care unit at Memorial Hospital.

Other than the two occupants of the Camry, four others were taken to area medical centers for treatment. Three women that were in the vehicle with which the Camry initially collided were treated and released with less serious injuries. Another man injured in a subsequent collision was also treated and released from the hospital. Several others were treated at the scene for minor bruises and abrasions.

Police have not yet released many details regarding the crash. The driver of the Camry has not yet been able to communicate with police due to his injuries. Additionally, the nature of the accident has made it difficult for the police to reconstruct exactly what happened to each vehicle involved in the fatal crash.

Reconstructing exactly how a multi-vehicle accident transpired can be a complicated process. Working from the positions in which the vehicles ended up a careful analysis of witness testimony, skid marks, vehicle damage and any other available evidence will allow the crash to be reconstructed to determine where each car was prior to and during the crash.

Source: Sun Herald “Car in fatal crash was in 3 separate collisions” Robin Firzgerald, April 4, 2011