Construction Worker Crushed by Cement Truck

Last Friday a construction worker was killed near Texas Highway 288 in Harris County when he was crushed by a cement truck.

According to officials, the construction crew was doing shoring work (providing support to the shoreline by creating walls) near Highway 288, along Brays Bayou between North MacGregor and South MacGregor Way. The cement truck was parked under the South Freeway at North McGregor Way, next to the shoreline.

Police reported that, around 4:15 in the afternoon, a 47-year-old construction worker was working in front of the cement truck when it “jumped out of gear” and struck him. He was pinned under the vehicle, and crushed by the weight of the heavy truck.

Two other construction workers were also severely injured in the cement truck accident. The two were taken to Harris County’s Ben Taub General Hospital. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, their work-related injuries were not life-threatening, but the exact condition of both workers remains unknown

Rescue crews from the Houston Fire Department had to bring in a heavy-duty wrecker to lift the cement truck off the construction worker’s body.

The fatal truck accident is still under investigation. The Houston Police Department’s vehicular crimes division and truck enforcement unit are trying to determine exactly what happened at the accident scene. But according to a spokesperson from the Houston Police Department, no criminal charges are expected to be filed in the accident.

It is unknown whether the deceased construction worker was survived by any family members. It has not been reported who the construction crew was working for at the time of the fatal accident.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Authorities ID worker killed by cement truck on Texas 288,” 4/23/11.