Two killed in fatal Texas accident this morning

Early this morning, there were two reported fatalities in a tragic car accident on westbound Interstate 30 near Arlington, Texas. The crash occurred during morning rush hour just before seven o’clock. The identities and ages of the victims of this fatal crash have not yet been reported.

The local Fox television affiliate reports that the car stuck an overpass bridge support column that was situated several feet off of the right shoulder of the highway. It appears that no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

According to the news report, the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed before the driver lost control and veered into the bridge support. But the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation.

While the cause of this accident remains unknown, there are numerous risk factors for single car accidents; including driver’s distracted by talking on the phone or texting, drivers under the influence, defects in the construction or maintenance of the vehicle, or simply driving recklessly. While a fatal accident is always a profound tragedy, it is all the more so when a casualty or catastrophic injury could have been avoided if the driver had taken proper care to drive in a reasonable and responsible manner.

While police continue to investigate the cause of this morning’s accident, they have also closed the overpass that is supported by the column that was struck, in order to ensure that it is still structurally sound. Traffic was reported to have been backed up for some distance as a result of the accident.

Source: Fox Channel 4 News “Two killed when car hits bridge support” Alice Wolke, March 9, 2011