Five killed in Texas dump truck collision and ensuing fire

In a tragic accident Saturday afternoon, five people were killed in West Texas when a car and a dump truck collided head on. The casualties included all four occupants of the car as well as the driver of the dump truck.

The occupants of the car, a Volkswagen Beetle, are thought to have to have been killed on impact, according to an article from the Reporter Telegram. The driver of the dump truck apparently survived the initial collision but was unable to escape the truck before being overcome by the ensuing fire. All five of the deceased were wearing their safety restraints at the time of the crash.

The results of any investigation into this specific crash were not yet available. But regardless of the exact series of events that leads up to an accident involving a heavy truck, the occupants of the smaller vehicle face a significant risk of serious injuries.

In this tragic accident, the police report that the dump truck driver was able to communicate after the initial crash but was killed in the blaze that followed. There was not yet any indication of whether the fire may have been the result of any defect in the fuel system of either vehicle or if the blaze was simply an unavoidable result of the impact. Police say that due to the fire they are not yet prepared to comment on the cause of the crash.

Witnesses reported that smoke from the accident could be seen for several miles.

Source: Reporter Telegram Traffic accident claims 5 lives, including 3 children James Cannon, February 6, 2011