“Anti-tort Agenda Alive Again in Austin”

Although the legislative session hasn’t even started yet, those who oppose civil lawsuits are already gearing up to strip away more of your rights. Below is a list of some of the bills that will likely come up next year:

  • A bill protecting chemical companies from liability for additives manufactured in compliance with government regulation (ex. – MTBE)
  • Legislation restricting lawsuits based on “public nuisance” theory (such as damages for global warming)
  • Prohibiting suits after the limitation period against responsible third parties named by the defendant
  • Prohibiting third-party financing of litigation
  • A resolution compelling the Texas Supreme Court to adopt a motion to dismiss procedure patterned on the procedure found in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Permissive interlocutory appeals
  • Expedited procedure for civil litigation at all levels of the judicial system, particularly in smaller civil cases.
  • Allowing juries to render an advisory opinion as to whether a cause of action or defense was brought in bad faith or to harass
  • Restructuring the Texas court system

One bill which has already been filed would prohibit undocumented workers from filing a lawsuit in the event they were injured. Unless you notify your state representative and or state senator, they will continue to try to eliminate all personal injury litigation to protect the wrongdoers from being held accountable.