TTLA Member Spotlight

Last week, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association honored me with their first TTLA Member Spotlight. The TTLA Member Spotlight is designed to highlight lawyers in the community that have given something back. I have always felt that it is our duty as lawyers to give back to the community–whether it be donating our time, providing our services pro bono, or contributing to scholarships and charities. I would like to thank TTLA for honoring me for my contributions to the community. Since the creation of this great organization, TTLA has always helped the legal community of trial lawyers. TTLA is a great resource for lawyers, young and old, as well as a great opportunity to network and meet other trial lawyers here in Texas. Also, I would like to commend the effort of TTLA, which is an organization that is always looking to help others, whether they are lawyers, students, or members of the Texas community. I look forward to reading about other lawyers being honored for their efforts in the community.