“Gas Pipelines: How Safe Are We?”

Our firm has recently been retained by two more families who lost loved ones as a result of a gas line explosion. This is the third separate gas pipeline explosion which our office is currently working on. One explosion involved a liquid propane line which burst under pressure in Mississippi leading to the deaths of two women and numerous other injuries and damages. The second involves a gas leak from a local natural gas line which led to our clients’ house exploding killing one occupant and seriously burning the other. The most recent matter involves a natural gas pipeline which was ruptured by a backhoe when a crew was working nearby. As you can see, all three incidents involve different facts, but all have the same results. People were killed. Considering we are just one Texas law firm with three major explosion cases at one time, just how many more incidents take place around the country? The bottom line is pipeline operators need to be forced to properly maintain their equipment, train their employees on how to respond to leaks, and make sure all of their major lines are openly marked and identified. Regulations on pipelines needs to be strengthened with stiffer penalties for violations. Because it’s clear that when bad things happen involving gas pipelines, there is only one result, people will end up dead.