Toyota Continues to Receive Acceleration Complaints

Even after Toyota vehicles have been repaired as a result of a massive recall, the government and Toyota are continuing to receive complaints from Toyota drivers who say their cars have sped up by themselves — even after being fixed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is contacting every owner to learn more about their complaints and reports. Owners are encouraged to submit their complaints online or through a NHTSA hotline to assist this investigation. These new complaints call into question Toyota’s claim that a fix is available to repair and makes a vehicles. According to some drivers, the fix is no fix at all.

Currently, NHTSA has linked at least 52 deaths crashes allegedly caused by Toyotas acceleration problems. Toyota’s suggested repair includes the installation of a metal piece the size of a postage stamp, as well as shortening gas pedals to address the suspected problem. Currently, Toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide to address gas pedals that can become stuck or trapped under floor mats. If you have experienced in acceleration problem with your Toyota vehicle, you should contact the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, as well as Toyota with your complaints.