Toyota’s Sticky Gas Pedal Problem Could Spell Serious Injuries For Consumers

Our lawyers at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner are currently handling a number of product liability cases. In fact, for almost 60 years, our firm has represented hundreds of clients complaining of injuries caused by defective vehicles and or parts. One case in particular regards a Honda vehicle that needed repair to a recalled defective part. The facts in the case detail the unfortunate situation wherein a dealership failed to properly repair the recalled part and the owner of the Honda was fatally injured as a result.

This week, Toyota Motor Corp. said to its dealers and customers that its dealers should get parts to fix a sticky gas pedal problem by the end of the week. Documented evidence shows that these defective vehicles have caused a numbers of accidents and or injuries throughout the U.S. The automaker apologized to its customers and tried to bring an end to a recall that has affected 4.2 million vehicles worldwide. The company said in a statement that it has begun shipping parts and is training dealers on the repairs. Some dealers will stay open around the clock to fix the 2.3 million cars and trucks affected by the recall in the U.S. Technical bulletins on how to install the new parts should arrive at dealers by midweek. It is not clear when the repairs would start, although dealers have said that they will begin repairs as soon as possible.

How are customers to know for sure that the repairs are done right? Why not change out the defective parts? Is it too costly for the dealers? For Toyota? Aren’t the lives of our loved ones more valuable that the cost of these parts?

Toyota recalled the vehicles on January 21, and determined that excess friction in the gas pedal assembly could in rare cases cause the pedals to stick. Since the recall was announced, dealers have been in the difficult position of telling angry customers that they have no parts to fix the cars. Unfortunately, if Toyota and the dealers are not careful with the repairs, the sticky gas pedal problem with their cars could end up causing some injuries for customers. Driving a vehicle with a defective part can be very dangerous. No one should take the Toyota recall lightly. If you or a loved one owns one of the affected Toyota vehicles, please do not hesitate and take the car in for repairs immediately. Verify, by asking the dealer to show you the defective part that was repaired or replaced before driving off the lot. Remember that your life and the ones of your loved ones depend on it.