Low Stress Living Requires Some Tippling

As most lawyers know, stress in our lives can have a significant effect on our health. As I just wrapped up a six week trial, believe me when I tell you that this proposition has never been more evident. I am constantly interested in reading about how I can better deal with stress and remain healthy through stressful times. I recently read a few articles that dealt with this specifically, and thought I would pass on what I have learned.

First, there are five components to living a healthy lifestyle. They include: refraining from smoking or any use of tobacco, not being obese, eating a reasonably healthy diet, exercising regularly, and moderate wine drinking. Most doctors appear to agree that the healthiest diet stems from mostly Mediterranean cuisine, combined with fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I was a bit surprised to see that wine drinking, in moderation, was one of the five things a person could do to maintain low stress and good health. Wine is important for a low-stress life because it gives you the ability to feel relaxed, an ability to feel balanced, an opportunity to breathe, and to actually enjoy the fruits of your labors and the gifts God has bestowed upon us. Wine, red and white, contain anti-oxidants as well as help alleviate cardiovascular problems.

This is not to say one should drown their stress in a nice Bordeaux, however, when coupled with a nice healthy meal, a glass or two of wine may help to extend one’s life span. Living a long, healthy life is the goal not only for lawyers, but for everyone. So as we begin to enter the holiday season, keep these things in mind, and hopefully you will be able not only to enjoy this holiday season, but many more to come.