“Several Household Products Recently Recalled for Safety”

With over 580,000 units sold, the “H2O Mop Steam Cleaners” is one of the most successful steam cleaner mops sold on the market. However, the product has recently been recalled by the distributor, Thane. The model numbers of affected units are 808.092 and OEM-TV-001. There have been 10 reports of shock injuries and 8 reports of burn injuries while using the product. Allegedly, the power cord can wear down and expose wiring which leads to the shock and burn hazards. If you own one of these products, please stop using it and call the distributor Thane at 800-485-0017.

Another product recently recalled is the “Kidde Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarm.” The problem with this product is that an electrostatic discharge can damage the alarm and it will not work properly to warn of a fire. The recalled model is P12000. Please call Kidde at 877-524-2086 if you own one of these smoke alarms.

Last, but not least is the “Copco Harmony Teakettles.” The lid on the kettle can come loose during handling, which poses a risk of burns. Copco has been informed of at least 25 instances where the lid came loose with some injuries including second-degree burns to hands and fingers. If you own one, stop using immediately and call 800-794-5866.