Heavy Truck Crashworthiness

The firm is investigating a potential 18 wheeler cab crashworthiness case. Given the large size and weight of heavy trucks, also known as tractor-trailer vehicles, a serious safety threat can be posed to the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a rollover collision. Studies have been conducted in order to determine the number of incapacitating and fatal injuries that occurred when the occupants were contained in the cab during a rollover accident.

Heavy trucks can also be involved in rollover accidents. This type of accident, as is the case with passenger vehicles, can result in significantly more damage to the vehicle and injuries to the occupants of the heavy truck.

Some truck cab manufacturers are building truck cabs to meet the roof strength requirements of the tough European ECE R29 and the SAE J2422 rollover crash tests. These tests evaluate the structural strength of the cab of these trucks and the roof to ensure they can withstand forces from different directions as well as a 180-degree rollover to protect occupants from injury.

In order to ensure crashworthiness in case of a rollover, high-strength steel is utilized in key load-bearing areas such as the A-pillars, door hinge pillars, dash panel and rear sill, in order to deliver consistent quality, strength, and durability. In addition, the windshield and back glass are bonded to the cab structure to provide a fully integrated cab structural design.