My First Trial

Recently I had the opportunity to try my first case. I spent considerable time preparing for it with my client and I think that paid off in the end. Another tip that I had gotten from the senior members of the firm was to keep the deposition video clips short and concise. That is exactly what I did. We altogether played just over 20 minutes of video testimony. The other side played over two and half hours of deposition testimony from doctors. When I spoke to some of the jurors afterwards they liked the fact that I had presented our case in a concise and efficient manner. The two day trial seemed to go by really fast. Johnny Garza and Natalie Schultz from the firm went with me for support. Their input in the jury selection process was invaluable. At the end of it we had a very good result for our client and the Plaintiffs bar in general. The partners at the firm feel that it is integral to our (associates) training process to try cases. It was a great experience and I look forward to the challenge and excitement of trial.