Abraham Watkins’ View: Everybody Deserves Legal Representation

The law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner has a rich tradition of helping those who were injured by the negligence of others recover verdicts and settlements that will adequately and fairly compensate the victim. Indeed, the firm has been doing this for over 57 years. The firm is widely known for its ability to take cases to trial, its ability to maximize the value of the case, and the ability to combat large corporations with limitless resources. However, since joining the firm, I have noticed the other side, the side that is not as widely known by the general public. The side I am referring to is the firm’s commitment to helping those in need.

As Johnny Garza noted in his recent blog topic, the firm’s lawyers recently spent a Saturday at the Ripley House providing pro bono (free) legal advice to the Houston community. We were all there providing our time for those who cannot afford to pay the legal fees associated with their situation. This was very rewarding. Even more rewarding than that experience was the one that I recently had down at the Harris County Civil District Courthouse. The firm was contacted by one of the District Judges who had a pro se litigant who was trying to navigate through the complicated legal process on his own. As a pro se litigant, this gentleman did not have an attorney and his case was being called to trial. The judge wanted to make sure that this man had competent representation; the judge called Abraham Watkins.

Consistent with this firm’s commitment to helping those in need, I was assigned the task of helping this gentleman try his lawsuit. I had never met this man before meeting him and his daughter at the courthouse that day. I had to get up to speed on the factual and legal issues very quickly. Thankfully, the judge granted a brief continuance to allow my pro bono client, and me, the opportunity to get ready for the trial. Two weeks later, I was able to successfully get the client all the relief he was seeking, and even a little more. The client now has a home of his own for the first time in his 81 years. It truly was rewarding to have been a part of that. The firm did not earn any money on the case, and the client did not have to pay any legal fees. This is just another example of Abraham Watkins’ commitment to advancing the legal profession and to helping those who are in need. This is why I became a lawyer and why I am proud to be a part Abraham Watkins. At no other firm have I seen, or even heard of, the level of commitment that is displayed daily by the firm and people that work here.