Everyone Provides Inspiration

Several weekends ago, a friend of mine baptized her son. Afterwards the god-parents held a celebration at their home. Anyone familiar with Mexican culture knows this is a big event with lots of family and friends, with everyone enjoying each other’s company. Many were college graduates who had gone on to be engineers, advertising executives, business owners, etc.

On this same day, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend’s younger brother. He was 28 years old, married and had 3 children. The brother worked for the City of San Antonio Public Works Department. After working a full day, he would go home to his job as an artist (for pay also), drawing an array of things, including portraits and scenery-he was responsible for supporting his family. Not only was he working two jobs, he was attending college at night.

His number one goal-to show his 3 children that a college degree is extremely important and that there was no option for them but to attend college. If he struggled through two jobs and maintained a relationship with his wife and children-even when he gets home passed 10pm-then certainly his children could accomplish anything they set their minds to. He is on the verge of getting his degree.

Just this past weekend, I saw my friend for dinner and she told me that at first her brother did not want to attend the celebration because he was intimidated by being around “college graduates and professionals.” He said he would not feel comfortable because he did not have a college degree and he was not as “smart.” In the end, he told his sister that he really enjoyed speaking to everyone. How little did he know, he helped me.

The legal profession is mentally and physically demanding. Many long hours are spent at the office, many times pass dinner and lots of weekends. Fortunately, my wife understands (. . . to a certain degree as everyone needs balance). However, there are times when one feels overwhelmed due to the workload and pressures of this profession.

Listening to my friend’s brother’s life story inspired me. He can handle two jobs, college and his family. When times get tough for me, I will certainly think of his strength and motivation to help me be the best I can be. It goes to show, especially during these times, that we can all lean on each other. And don’t ignore anyone’s life story because you never know where your help may come from.