A Simple Thank You Makes This Job Rewarding

Last week, [email protected] and I resolved a case where a loving wife lost her husband of 19 years and two beautiful children lost their father. On August 30, 2006, my client’s life was forever changed when she received a phone call stating, “Something has happened to your husband; he died today.”

The husband worked for company that removed liquid waste from industrial plants to disposal sites. He operated a vacuum trailer, which has a tank that loads and unloads the liquid waste. On this day, the tank became pressurized unexpectedly. The manufacturer of this vacuum trailer built it defectively-the vacuum trailer created an obstruction in the primary trap, where air enters and leaves the trailer. The obstruction caused pressure to be trapped. The husband opened the primary trap and the metal top violently blew up and struck him in the head. The force of the injury prompted his instant death.

Since that date, I have had the privilege of representing the wife. She was always pleasant and patient, knowing that the case would take time to develop. She would rarely call me for an update as thinking about the accident would bring her to tears. And she had confidence in my Firm; she would tell me that she knew she was in good hands. Despite the confidence, I would call her and provide an update. Before hanging up, she would say, “I appreciate your work.”

Last week, on January 14, 2009, the case was resolved for a substantial amount. She will tell you without hesitation that any amount will not bring her husband back and she would return it all to have her husband back. He was the love of her life-she still struggles every day not having her life companion to help overcome life’s challenges and share in life’s joy, including raising their children together. Throughout the past couple of years, her main concern was having enough for her children’s college education. This is no longer a concern.

After resolving her case, she turned to me with tears on her face and said a sincere “thank you.” These words go a long way.