Health: Could You Have Diabetes and Not Know It?

The problem with a lot of lawyers, and non-lawyers alike is the fact that the busier they are, sometimes health issues are left unattended. Medical research shows that more than 5 million people in America don’t know they have pre-diabetes or diabetes. One of the reasons diabetes goes undiagnosed in so many people is that adult onset diabetes (or type 2 diabetes) develops slowly. Many people will have this form of diabetes for as long as 10 years without noticing any symptoms of the disease. In the meantime, the disease can do irreparable damage to the body.

Diabetes develops when the pancreas does not make enough insulin or when the body can’t use its own insulin. What results is a condition which causes sugars to build up in the blood and can lead to serious health problems over time. It must be noted that diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

Could you have diabetes and not know it? Two symptoms that many people with the disease develop and don’t recognize are increased thirst and frequent urination. Other warning signs include:

• flu like symptoms;

• weight gain or loss;

• blurred vision;

• slow-healing sores or frequent infections;

• nerve damage;

• red, swollen, tender gums.

There are a number of risk factors that may increase your risk of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be managed in several ways with a doctor’s assistance and guidance. If you are concerned about your diabetes risk, see your doctor for screening and questions.