What Qualifications Should I Look For In a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Claimants do not know in advance they are going to be victims of an accident, and their first contact with a lawyer is often after their accident. An examination of the qualifications of the lawyer you are considering is crucial. There are many tools available to help you – the internet, firm websites and legal publications. So what do you look for?

First, a good personal injury lawyer not only represents individuals who have been injured in accidents, but also strive to protect the public by making sure the companies or individuals responsible for the claimant’s injuries do not cause further injuries to others. Look for the lawyer that looks out not only for your good, but also for the good of our community.

Second, look for an established law firm or lawyer with history, tradition and reputation that can be researched. Additionally, in Texas, there are legal specializations lawyers can qualify for with years of experience, practice, and training. A claimant should strongly consider lawyers who are board certified in personal injury trial law. A lawyer with a proven track record, not only in the courtroom but also in the community, should be at the top of your list. This can only be achieved by practicing ethically, diligently, effectively, efficiently and with the utmost integrity. These are the qualities a claimant should seek in a lawyer.

Last and most important, seek out a personal injury lawyer that will communicate with his or her clients, including face to face contact throughout the representation. Find a lawyer who will promptly return his or her phone calls. A claimant has one opportunity to be fairly compensated for unwanted injuries and should be confident that his or her personal injury lawyer is competent to ensure justice and protect the public.