The Hispanic National Bar Association Publishes its Inaugural Edition of the Journal of Law & Policy

The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) has published its inaugural edition of the Journal of Law & Policy, co-edited by [email protected], Jr. and Jimmie Reyna. This publication is the culmination of the dedication and hard work of many over the span of three HNBA administrations.

The purpose of The HNBA Journal of Law & Policy is to educate, serve as a valuable source for academic research, and provide a means of getting the message out on issues facing the Hispanic community. You will find exceptional articles in the Journal’s first edition regarding issues on the state of the HNBA, our children, and our future; the continuing need for a Latino(a) Justice to the United States Supreme Court; Latinos, Terrorism and the U.S. Immigration Policy; The Growing Economic Power of the Hispanic Community; and an analysis of the Los Angeles County Child Protection System. In future issues of the Journal, the HNBA anticipates collaborating with other experts and professionals in varying fields of law and public policy extending beyond its own esteemed members, and to include law school professors, members of the judiciary and policy makers from all over the world.

It is the mission of the HNBA Journal of Law & Policy to continue its efforts to provide educated, relevant articles and information on topics of importance in the Hispanic community, as well as becoming the prominent source of research regarding the relevant law and public policy.

“The dreamers are the saviors of the world. James Allen, As a Man Thinketh, 1902. Such is the case with the Hispanic National Bar Association Journal of Law and Policy. For years, it was the dream of some at the HNBA to put forth a Law Journal for its members, for the policy makers of this great country, and for all to see. Today’s HNBA did not forget those dreamers, it did not let their ideals fade or die, and the dreams of those before us for a Journal lived in us and today we make those dreams a reality.” [email protected], Jr., 2008.