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Trucking accidents on Texas highways can result in permanent, severe and life-changing injuries or even a loss of life. A truck accident lawyer may be able to assist you recover compensation for your losses after a semi-truck collision. Truck accident claims can become quite complex; our experienced trucking accident attorneys have the skill and legal know-how to help you financially recover your losses.

Who Is Responsible After A Texas Truck Accident?

Typically, legal action is taken against the trucking company that owns the big rig or 18-wheeler that was involved in the crash. The trucking industry is governed by federal laws and regulations that help define the standards trucking companies, trucking owners, and truck drivers must meet; proving that these standards were not met can be important to succeeding in a truck accident case.

In addition to the trucking company, there may be others who should be held responsible for personal injuries, wrongful death and property damage caused by a truck crash. Common responsible parties in a trucking accident may include the:

  • Driver of the semi-truck
  • Owner of the truck or tractor trailer
  • Manufacturer of the big rig, or any part of the semi that may be a contributor to the trucking accident

When another person or business' negligence results in serious injury to your family or the death of a loved one after a semi-truck wreck, you have the right to hold each of those parties responsible.

Semi-Truck Accidents And Negligence

All drivers, especially commercial drivers, have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. When a truck driver or company does not do so and injury results, that person or company should be responsible for negligence. Some common indications of negligence include:

  • Lack of experience by the truck driver
  • Oversized trucks on narrow two lane roads common on I-45, I-35, I-10, or other West Texas highways, rural or farm-to-market roads
  • Failing to obey trucking laws, rules and regulations

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