Standing Up For You After A Plant And Refinery Explosion Changes Your Life

No large explosion is exempt from disaster; they are often unexpected, and they leave a wake of property destruction and catastrophic injuries. Explosions that result from plant and refinery mishaps have the potential to burn for several hours and affect families and workers in their area. Especially in Texas, where refineries are common throughout the state, the risk of such destruction is always prevalent.

Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner has decades of experience representing Texans who suffer injury and damages from explosions. Our clients have unfortunately seen their lives uprooted by these events. They have faced steep medical bills, damaged property, lost wages from missing work and immense pain and suffering.

If you suffer from plant and refinery explosion damages, know that we have the resources and background that can help you pursue a claim. As devoted personal injury attorneys, we are serious about helping you obtain your due compensation. Start right away by calling 713-396-3964 to set-up a free consultation.

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Experienced Attorneys Prepared To Fight For Your Recovery

We provide legal aid to clients who are workers injured by plant and refinery explosions as well as those who live near plants and refineries who suffer from related accidents and whose property suffers damages. We have been involved in numerous Texas refinery explosion cases, including:

  • Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Co. - 2020, Houston, TX
  • CITGO Petroleum Corporation - 2019, Corpus Christi, TX
  • TPC Group (Formerly known as Texas Petrochemicals) - 2019, Port Neches, TX
  • ExxonMobil - 2019, Baytown, TX
  • KMCO - 2019, Crosby, TX
  • ITC (Intercontinental Terminals Company) - 2019, Deer Park, TX
  • Kuraray Co., Ltd. - 2018, Pasadena, TX
  • Valero Energy Corporation - 2018, Texas City, TX
  • Linde - 2018, La Porte, TX
  • Arkema - 2017, Crosby, TX
  • Sunoco - 2016, Beaumont, TX

Our services also extend to those who have lost loved ones to related disasters. While no amount of compensation can make up for the loss, it can help ease financial and personal burdens related to the incident.

Potential Causes For Plant And Refinery Explosions

Several things can happen to cause a plant and refinery explosion. Explosions may be due to the negligence of an individual or organization, or they may simply be an accident. Such causes may include:

  • Unchecked safety regulations or failure to adhere to OSHA standards
  • Poor machinery maintenance or improper use of machinery
  • Use of bad chemicals
  • Faulty equipment
  • Ignored or unaddressed corrosion
  • Improperly trained workers operating equipment without necessary procedure knowledge

Entire communities can suffer from these explosions. Companies have a responsibility to take the proper precautions and keep those around them safe from harm. Pursuing compensation is about more than just making up for losses, it is about righting wrongs done to you through someone else's negligence.

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Our lawyers understand the complexities of these cases and what is required to pursue the full extent of damage recovery. We have represented workers and bystanders of devastating accidents for several decades.

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