Airplane And Aviation Crashes

Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz helps victims of airplane accidents recover compensation for their injuries and losses.

While large airline disasters are uncommon, the tragedy they cause is extensive. Smaller airplane crashes, however, are much more common than most people realize.

Experienced in handling aircraft litigation, our Houston, Texas, airplane accident attorneys are prepared to handle airplane accident cases involving single-engine planes, multi-engine planes, turbo prop planes, chartered jets and helicopters, and large commercial airplane crashes.

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Understanding Liability In Airplane Crash Cases

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for investigating aviation accidents in the United States as well as accidents in foreign countries that involve U.S. airlines. The NTSB's responsibility is to provide a probable cause for airplane accidents. This is not necessarily sufficient to prove legal liability.

Our airplane crash attorneys have significant experience using the NTSB's probable cause finding as a basis for creating legal liability. Because airplane accident litigation is as complex as it is expensive, it is of the utmost importance to hire a law firm with the proven skill, experience and resources to successfully resolve complicated cases where more than one party may be at fault.

Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules that govern commercial, charter and private aviation (including Part 135 and Part 91). Additionally, our firm has experience dealing with the extensive documentation necessary to establish liability for airplane crashes beyond the probable cause finding of the NTSB.

Helicopter Crashes

In helicopter crash cases, multiple parties may be deemed legally responsible. The owner and operator of the helicopter could be liable in addition to:

  • Manufacturers
  • Maintenance suppliers
  • The federal government
Did Your Helicopter Crash Occur in the Gulf?

There are thousands of offshore installments in the Gulf of Mexico, which are often served by helicopter taxis. In accidents involving offshore workers, there could be maritime law ramifications. If you are an offshore worker who has been injured in a helicopter crash, we can handle all aspects of your case, including maritime and Jones Act claims.

A Sampling of Our Aviation Litigation Experience

Our firm has substantial experience handling and litigating aircraft cases. From the days of the Braniff Airways tragedies to military aircraft crashes and recent airline disasters, our firm has been consistently involved.

Braniff Electra Airplane Disasters

Our attorneys handled the Braniff Electra airplane disasters occurring on separate dates over Buffalo, Texas, and Dawson, Texas. We litigated these Texas aircraft disasters against Braniff Airways and the manufacturer of the plane and engines in question in Houston, Texas. These tragedies involved the separation of the wings from the body of the plane, resulting in fatalities for all passengers.

KODA Bird Helicopter Crash

Another case tried by our firm involved the fatality of a Houston-based helicopter news service pilot employed by radio station KODA. Our firm represented his widow and family in this product liability case against the manufacturer of the helicopter. The news service helicopter was known as the KODA Bird.

Military Aircraft Lawsuits

We have also handled claims regarding military aircraft manufactured by McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, Missouri. We have handled three cases involving fatal military aircraft crashes, RF4s, caused by defectively designed and manufactured plane equipment. These included:

  • A defective hydraulic system on a single-engine plane that caused flap failure during a night approach at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas.
  • A product liability case in which a wing separated from the body of the aircraft. It was determined that a manufacturing defect and failure to properly chamfer and level the wing bolts contributed to the crash.
  • Electrical failure that produced an in-flight fire
Private Plane Crashes

Our firm has also been involved in numerous private plane crashes involving pilot error, flight fires and clear product liability failures with various defective flight systems. These cases have included faulty and defective interior siding, seats, seat belts, flammable interior material and coverings, and general pilot error.

Several years ago, we handled litigation against Hawaiian Airlines in which a commuter plane, due to pilot error, crashed into a mountain in Hawaii. We had complaints regarding the pilot's qualifications, background, training, history, etc. The plane was found in the mountains, with all passengers and crew listed as fatalities.

Recently, we handled aircraft litigation involving a fatal Swiss Air Boeing crash in Nova Scotia, Canada, and a private plane disaster in Eagle County, Colorado, involving three family deaths due to pilot error.

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